Tuesday, December 29, 2009

World War Between Two Religions


World war is already on and it is going on very slowly. But everyone of us knows that the next world war shall be between two religions. Causes may be different, but two religions shall fight. There is no proposal or target before the warring groups that they shall fight and they shall finish one religion. It is impossible and it is also impossible that one religion shall be victorious and shall be writing off the other religion from this world.

We, the people of the world are having day to day information that one groups has turned terrorist and other groups is on the defensive side and is trying to save itself because this terrorist groups never discloses the place where they shall burst and what shall be the type of attack. In spite of all security arrangements, these terrorist groups are attacking and achieving the purpose for which they had decided to join these suicide-squads. These groups have entered every country and they are getting shelter, local information, boarding and lodging and even arms are supplied to them. When they execute their plan, they are given help in hiding themselves and that is the reason, in spite of all security arrangements, these terrorists groups are not being eliminated from the world.

A new type of imperialism is coming forward. There was a time when a trading company entered India and in due course, they could occupy the whole of India and it is on record that they ruled India for one complete century. Now some Muslim countries are on target and there could be hundred and one excuses on the basis of which there shall be attacks and there shall be new governments which shall be run by local people under remote control system. This new type of imperialism is coming forward and they are having the whole of this world as their target. From where they shall start and what shall be their ultimate aims shall be clear before the world within the next two three years and there are chances that some allies shall be controlling the whole of this world and all countries may turn administrative units.

In Iraq we had been told that hundreds of people had been killed and when the allies attacked to set the things right, they also killed innocent people. The people who were earlier in power have been given punishment for their crimes against humanity, but there is none to give punishment to those who too killed thousands of people and none could institute a criminal case against the invaders. This is not justice and the people of the world must realize that all those who kill innocent people must get punishment. But here we have entered an era of ‘might is right’ and now this system shall go on and shall take firm foundations in the world. The weak countries should be ready because they shall be slaves once again though in a direct manner or in an indirect manner.

The world war has started and next step shall be before us within the next two three years when the allies shall be attacking Iran. Some people have started that the allies might be having to establish their imperialism, but some people are telling us that the allies are having an eye on the oils. This doubt has not been declared as false and therefore, it could be one of t he cause of the world war ahead. But all the small countries must be aware of this advancing new imperialism and they must be ready before actual war because this world war shall be more dangerous and deadly and it at all it comes and actually executed with all the arms in hand, we shall be finishing at least half of our population and the people who shall not die shall wait for their death like those who could survive after attack on Japan cities.

None on earth could stop this emerging world war and therefore, we all should be ready to face this world war shall be surpassing all the world wars fought hitherto. And this world war shall be between two religions. The whole people in each groups shall come forward and shall take part in this world war.

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