Wednesday, December 30, 2009

CNG Cars - The New Mahindra Renault Logan

The New Mahindra Renault Logan CNG Cars
Give yourself the Green Advantage

 The 1.6 ltr Mahindra Renault engine is ideal for CNG Cars. It is built for a longer life and gives fantastic mileage without loss of power.

 The Logan CNG Car Kit is provided by Landy Renzo of Italy, a global leader in CNG Technology.

The Logan has the biggest boot amongst all sedans. Even when fitted with a CNG tank, it has enough space to bring home as much as you need to. It beats all corners as far as leg room and head room go. The seat is quite easily the widest in its class and comes fitted with three headrests.

The Logan CNG Cars are as easy to maintain as its petrol variant. And to prove that, the Logan 2 year warranty remains uncompromised on the CNG Logan.

Drive on:
The Logan CNG Cars tank has a storage capacity of 12 Kg which means you can drive long distances without worrying about refueling.

Comfort maximized:
Ergonomic seating, coupled with a suspension that literally irons out the bumps on the road, makes even the most strenuous drives comfortable. The Renault engine in the Logan is specially designed to make city driving hassle-free and smooth. It handles both heavy traffic and the freeway with equal ease.
Go Green with the Logan CNG Cars and watch the rest of the world go green with envy.  Presenting the CNG Logan

It is time to go green with the Logan CNG Cars. It cuts down on running costs and is also environment friendly. It runs on green fuel so it can put green money back into your life.

Run On Green, Save On Green
The Logan’s ability to stretch your Rupee on the road is already legendary. Logan CNG cars build the legend further with an astoundingly low running cost of only Rs. 1.25/km. So now competitors are left far behind on the road, and you’re left with a fatter wallet too.

Run Green, Stay Green
Your bank balance is not the only beneficiary of the CNG Logan’s virtues. Along with running costs it also cuts down on emissions, keeping the world the way we all like it. Green.

Mahindra Renault
Mahindra is India’s first and foremost manufacturer of utility vehicles. Renault is a world leader in automotive technology and the only automaker to have eight cars with the maximum 5 star Euro NCAP rating. One brings a reputation for quality, durability and reliability while the other brings world beating experience on the F1 circuit, along with an emphasis on innovative, safe and environment friendly technologies. Together they are Mahindra Renault. A partnership that has successfully launched the Logan and won numerous industry accolades in the process.

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