Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oil Prices and War

Oil prices are going up, up and up. They are expected to go up to 200 Dollars a barrel. Every one of us who thinks about this has different perspective. Consumers blame the government for allowing the prices. Some blame the oil producers while others blame the users for rampant consumption. How about the Iraq war and oil prices?

I have not been able to find out the amount of oil that is consumed in the war in Iraq everyday. Similarly the peacekeeping efforts in Afghanistan must be consuming lot of oil everyday. Why does the US not stop the war and save oil so that prices can come down? US government has huge resources and can buy oil at any price to continue with the war. But what about an ordinary citizen- how is he/she going to survive?

India and China are being blamed for increasing oil prices. Imagine what will happen when other countries become prosperous. The whole of Africa is waiting for prosperity. Lot many South American and smaller Asian nations are waiting to grow. What will happen to oil prices when these countries begin using more oil?

Clearly the aim should be to use less oil and develop other energy sources. Gone are the days of oil guzzlers. And most importantly the war must be stopped to save oil. Has any estimate been made about the oil consumed in the World war Second? Why do not we stop exporting democracy to other countries and take care of our citizens first?

The world leaders do not act for the good of the ordinary person. They only promise to do that during elections. After the elections get over the leaders act to satisfy their own ego and prove to the world that they were right. This causes most misery in the world. Unless this senseless war is stopped oil cannot be saved.

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