Tuesday, December 29, 2009

War On Drugs

If we are really winning the war on drugs, then why does it continue to grow? It seems we hear about so much drugs being found yet even more is still being distributed. Are we really getting the big drug places in Columbia and other countries or are we being given token factories to make it look like we are making a difference?

Drugs? Health? Money? Life!

Drugs are very harmful for people who eat it. If people trying to taste them, you will be found of them.

Although people know the drugs are bad for their health, they still smoke them, because what? Because they feel comfortable by the drugs.

Many people don’t believe they will be found of drugs if they taste them, so, some of the people who taste it are found of them, this is the bunch of people who likes the drugs.
Drugs take a large amount of money. People maybe rich before they smoke drugs, but, they would become poor if they smoke too much drugs, drugs are like the God of Death, who comes to reduce the life of yours. You will reduce the lifetime if you smoke too much drugs, you will be unhealthy. So, people shouldn’t smoke drugs.

If you want a longer life, DON’T SMOKE DRUGS!

War on Drugs or a War on Race?

The failed so called "war on drugs" is an issue that is being ignored by our presidential wannabes. This "war" has always targeted minority groups and produces astounding statistics. More than 70% of those incarcerated for drug offences are Black or Latino. More astounding is the fact that the African American community is estimated at 15% of the national drug users, yet make up 37% of the arrest! While our current President is busy making new wars here, there and everywhere – maybe the next President should be thinking about dealing with some of our current "Wars" before claiming a new one.

The War on Drugs and the Victims

Many countries around the world are fighting a battle against the problem of rampant drug abuse. Increased policing has resulted in many major victories in the worldwide war on drugs. Many countries have also come up with stricter laws in order to stop this menace. Although a lot of things have been done in order to stop drug abuse, a lot still needs to be done. The problem is always growing engulfing a large of victims, thanks to the powerful drug mafia. The key to winning the war on drugs and saving the victims of drug abuse therefore lies in gradually eliminating the drug mafia in different parts of the world.

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