Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oil Spills? Come On - Can’T That Be A Thing Of The Past?

We now have oil tankers with dual hulls but they don’t make all of them have it because too much money. They could have another boat in front dragging lines or something to make sure the tanker behind it won’t hit anything, but again too much money. There really is absolutely no reason for an oil spill! Why can’t we make these companies use dual hull barges and make them use a second boat to make sure that it won’t hit anything? Am I missing something is there really another reason why a tanker should ever spill oil?

Oil Pollution: A Major Concern Affecting the Environment

The spilling of either refined or crude petroleum into the environment is one ecological disaster that unfortunately often happens these days. Almost every passing day we come across reports stating accidental spills from ships which lead to destruction of precious underwater plant and animal life in the vicinity. Not only do fish inside such murky waters get affected, very often birds which depend on the area for their food, also get affected. There have also been instances when the coral reef has been badly damaged due to oil pollution. Fortunately marine toxicologists are working overtime nowadays to tackle the problem and come out with solutions.

2,000 Penguins Killed in Southern Brazil Oil Spill

Approximately 2,000 penguins were recently found dead in two southern Brazilian states, victims of an oil spill from an unknown source. Hundreds of other animals have been found covered and debilitated in the oil. The surviving animals were in such bad state that additional veterinarians and biologists from other parts of Brazil have been sent in to help in the recovery effort. Approximately 30-40 animals per day are being cleaned in a very time consuming process. Feathers covered in oil cannot keep birds warm and dry. The oil also weighs the birds down to where Penguins can’t swim and sea birds can’t fly and as a result, they drown or freeze to death since it is currently winter in the Southern hemisphere. As of yet, the ship responsible for the spill has not been identified.

Seismic Energy Dissipation Devices

Seismic Energy Dissipation Devices