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 In our previous series on the topic we have narrated a few dates and events which made Kashmir an international issue. Here we shall discuss how the strings of the conspiracy are and were spread throughout the Indian sub content and beyond. Readers must envision the drug triangle, ineternational borders, and super power politics.Cold war, track 2 diplomacy and a shadow ghost politics operated by secret agencies behind the scenes. Here we describe the events involving India-Afgan-Russian and other networks operative in past. November, 1973. Khan wali khan on return visited Afghanistan and met Ameer Akbar Hyderi, AB.Qadir,Ajmal Khan KHATEK,Noor Mohd Taraki,and Sardar Mohd Dawood Khan.He met them many times to discuss the London plan of disintegrating Pakistan father and thereby annexing Azad Kashmir to Indian domain through deceit node proxy wars. Russian Afgan treaty of 1919

According to this treaty Russia stood guarantee to the existence of Afganistan. THE AFGAN SHAH HAD TO BE NEUTRAL. To disturb this articulation and breach this agreement an attempt to have a revolt against SHAH ZAHIR SHAH WAS SET INTO ACTION. Shah having respect to the treaty was not in compromising mood with the conspirators mostly masterminded by Russian and Indians.

Thererefore in the night of 16-17th July,1973 at 2PM LEGITIMATE King of Afghanistan was dethroned and Sardar Dawood took over as military dictator. It was a communist run conspiracy to enforce destructive forces on western borders of Pakistan, a step towards weakening Pakistan defences. Sardar Dawood had remained the prime minister of Afghanistan from 1953-63 and has communist back up along with administrative officials of his time. This coup was well designed that shah had to take refuge in west and many of his supporters became migrants in west. I have the occasion of meeting a few in Hannover Germany around 1982 collecting medicine for the uprising against Russian occupation later, when Dawood failed and Russians invaded the country.

 The period of 1955-65 was a period of tussle between Capitalist backed Pakistan and Russian backed AFGANISTAN The last relationship was DOMINATED by RUSSIAN Afgan TREATY. Thus the cold war days run like flowing waters across the continent ,result into wars of 1965,1971 and Russian invasion and occupation of Afganitan.It followed by USSR falling apart and a new force Mujahedeen supported and financed by West especially USA.

This gave birth to Muslim uprising to deter exploitation by the two blocks. This is where the birth of terror took place partly to revenge the conspirator and partly the realization that Muslims are targeted and massacred all around the globe be it be in Phalestien,Kashmir,Afganistan,yogosalvacia,sudan,Somalis and many other places. The realization that the Muslim resources of oil are used by the west and communists too to kill them and weaken them both physically, materially and financially.Monarcy, dictators were preferred over elected or selected representatives by the so called democracies to take undo advantage.

ERA OF COLD WAR BETWEEN Afganistan and Pakistan in 1960s

The Russian influence in Afghanistan and American permutation in Pakistan saw two Muslim neighbours as enemies. The ports of Pakistan closed to Afghans and coincided with Iranian borders and waters unavailable to Afghanistan asset too was under American Influenced Shah Raza shah Pahlwei.This economic blockade of Afghanistan helped to harbour an animosity between Afghanistan and Pakistan on one side and India and Pakistan on the other. This in fact led to PAK-CHINA NEXSIS ON ONE side, Indo-afghan-Russian Nexuses on the other side. The American and west forces shimmed in the troubled waters to gain control on the golf waters, oil and resources including Iran .This so infused cold water relationship among Muslim world led to hindering of Kashmir cause.

The Iraq taking sides with Russia, Iran with USA further complicated the solution of Kashmir. Kashmir solution and independent resolution depends on free Iranian-Afghanistan-PAKISTAN –China-South ASIAN STATES of USSR BORDERS AND TRADE on one side and India-Japan-Nepal-china-BENGLADESH-Malaysia-Indonesia trade on the other side. This needs a friendly mode among Asian neigbhiours.This may be possible with the dawn from east and dusk to west. The whole euphoria of ISLAMOPHOBIA and china or India competing for superpower status.

This status of superiority passed through peaceful Kashmir.Afganistan,Pakistan and of course powerful Iran ,China, India Both the Russian white and the western white tries to disdain this and gives rise to new forms of wars in the world. There is reaction to every action so is true here and they malign it as Islamic terrorism.Forgeting the reality of inventing, nursing and propagating it.

Thus we have to understand Taleban, Kashmiri and other Muslim aspirations, subjugated for years under various London Plans. The Peshawar university weapons. The weaponization of Peshawar and Pakistan free constituencies was the result of the London plan. The proof is the cache at Peshawar University on 2oth feruary, 1973.All these weapons bore forgiven marks of manufacture and design. The movement gave birth to the Baluchistan crisis.

And many tribesmen left for the mountains to sustain a revolt. This revolt gave rise to new talabanization of Pakistani areas with Afgan refugee influx. The rise of ziaulhaq as a counter leader to annuli Zulfikar Ali Bhatoo also started with the uprising of Bolochistan.It is said the Zia masterminded the so called Jihad against Russian on American behest. The American interests in the area came to be executed through this plan and they succeeded in both killing and Islamic Thicker and great leaders and stateman, who gave Pakistan a deerrent, otherwise the London plan would have been success much earlier. This whole behind the scenes tactics of west, India and Russia is responsible for the woes of the world now which is named Islam phobia.
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