Friday, January 7, 2011

The Benefits of Living and Working on Offshore Oil Rigs

The world as we know it depends on oil to work certain industrial and residential operations. The oil that we use is taken from two places. These are land based oil fields and from the ocean. The oil producing plants which are located on the oceans are called offshore rigs. The name itself describes the work that is carried out.

The offshore part means quire simply that the work is carried out in the ocean waters. The oil rigs can be found in shallow waters (300 feet) or deeper waters. The legs of the rigs hold the working platform above the water’s surface. The oil rig part of the name is the platform where the machinery and equipment are found.

As these offshore oil rigs are located at a fair distance from the nearest land the oil rig needs to be able to support the needs of the workers. From this reason there is an electrical plant that generates the power which is required for all of the work. The larger oil rigs will have a desalination plant to purify the salt water that is converted to fresh water for cooking, drinking and, washing and cleaning purposes.

There will be a treatment plant that is located on these offshore oil rigs. The treatment plant will safely dispose of the various wastes that accumulate as the oil crews and their equipment continue the search for and drilling of oil on the oceans floor bed. To make sure that the drilling crew lives well while they are working on the offshore oil rigs there are very comfortable living quarters.

These quarters have the comforts of a four star hotel. In some cases the living quarters are located at a distance from the oil rig itself. This is done so that the crew is less exposed to the dangers that can occur from the oil and the machinery catching fire. This however is as dangerous for the crew as the offshore oil rigs are during a severe storm at sea.

Despite these tragedies oil companies make every effort to ensure the safety of their drill teams. As part of the remuneration package which may be offered by offshore oil rigs is the full traveling expenses for the crew which are covered by the rig owner. The working day shifts are not too long. There are times when the crew shift will last for about 14 days of hard work. The free vacation period is 21 days long.

While living and working on offshore oil rigs can be very hard and difficult there are benefits to be found. The work which is performed on these rigs is one of the reasons why the world’s oil production is able to meet its production costs.
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