Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Iran Launches Satellite

The launch of the Safir-2 Rocket, a satellite with research (what research type?) and telecommunication (among who?) is a strong matter of concern for Israel, EU and USA.

The launching technology is very similar to that used for ballistic missiles and then feasible to be switched up to other “peaceful” program.

Iranian Government gives high relevance to entry and installs a wide missiles range with different range capability.

They are also interested in taking lead of the Muslims world, by showing an organized and modernized regional power.

From this perspective, Iranian’s best competitors are Pakistan and Al-Qaeda.
Pakistan already owns its repository of Nuclear weapons.
Al-Qaeda is attempting to access to this technology by associated third parties.
If Pakistan fails in maintain internal order risk of a clash against India is feasible.

Then back again to Iran, we have a quite advance technology Country well determined in pursuing its own targets.

This is likely to be a military transition policy in which Government is trying consolidating its position across Middle East and acts a large role in supporting all anti-Israelis movements.

All this drive to an obvious number of military options and efforts in which combination of Israel and USA or NATO response should be based on realistic assessment.

There is a need to understand all possible worst cases with minimum general impact both in the public opinion and in the foreign relations in the Muslim Word, Russia and China.

The Iranian missile Shabab-3 derives by the North Korean No-Dong 1 re-elaborated. The exchange of technology between these states may be an additional point of concerns and possible military option being considered.

Suspect of connection with Russia and China in development the long range ballistic Shabab-3 version is feasible but not demonstrated.

From a certain perspective the raise of Iran as regional reference power may create high expectations from Muslims communities in Russia and China to the Uyghur population in the Xinijang Region together with an increase of terrorism, separatism and religious extremism.

Beyond these analysis we have then challenge of facing Iranian threat according to the information we have acquired and take a decision of striking.
We just need to decide when and where.
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