Wednesday, February 2, 2011

War with Iran

Introduction – Judging from the news it seems that the USA is serious about going to war with Iran. The news broadcasts from the mainstream government controlled media are extremely similar to the broadcasts aired when the USA attacked Iran. Watch this video to see the similarities, which are shocking. The US Mainstream media is just the propaganda arm of the US government:

When – We think fairly soon, before the end of the year.

Why – We think that Iran is a wild card. They have been threatening to wipe Israel off the map. Not a smart thing to do since Israel is a major nuclear power. If Israel takes out the Iran nuclear facilities strategically by themselves then Iran may retaliate. This would mean more retaliatory strikes from Israel. Iran may hit Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as well thinking that somehow they were involved or at least they are US allies. They might rain missiles into US bases in Iraq. The straits could be closed. Numerous tankers sunk. Oil spills.

Nuclear fallout. So if the USA and of course the UK get together and go after Iran they may take the strategic strikes on their nukes, huff and puff on the news and that’s it. Then order is restored in the Middle East by USA definitions, and they go back to fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now they are also fighting in Pakistan.
The other implication is an invasion of Iran. They have oil so there is additional motivation. Iran has also been pricing its oil on the Euro versus the USD. This is something Iraq did a few months before they got invaded. I do not think Israel could run a ground occupation that far away. They have never done such a thing before. The USA is an old hand at it. This does not mean they are any good at it, just that they are experienced at it. The way for the USA to clean up Iraq is to get into Iran. Iran is undoubtedly supporting the resistance against the US in Iraq. They would be supplying, training, recruitment, communication, arms, medical, support and a place to go for rest and recuperation.

If Iran is occupied then Iraq will fall and fast. The USA will get the oil fields. No other power is going to go into the region and try to mess around with the USA and Israel combined together in that region. If Iran goes nuclear they will provoke Israel. They will have Syria and Lebanon harass Israel with mortar and small rocket attacks. Israel will get mad and go in militarily. Then Iran will say they are our allies and an attack on them is an attack on us and we will fire nukes at you. It makes more sense for Israel to attack Iran before they get nuclear operational. The only other option Iran is giving to Israel is to abandon Israel and leave, which I doubt they would do under any threats or conditions.

The situation is so bad over there that the USA has to act or it can escalate to a major worldwide crisis. What if the Russians decide to support Iran against Israel? Then there could be a massive war with nukes flying all over the place, most unlikely but possible. It appears that sanctions are not going to go anywhere. Iran is racing the clock to complete before they get stopped and they will not stop unless they are stopped. If Iran had a well-developed nuke program then Chavez would have them. That would be real interesting and I am sure the USA would not want to go through this. All the powers involved are playing a lousy game and there are always going to be some unpredictable outcomes.

Added into this is the fact that Obama is minus a birth certificate showing he is eligible to hold office, so he needs a crisis right now real bad. He does not want to face his trial in Federal Court in January that is on the calendar. A war is a great way to be too busy for anything like a trial where you have to produce evidence that you are eligible to hold the office of President. In summation Iran is dangerous now, Obama is cornered on his eligibility to be President so he too is dangerously seeking a big crisis, especially one that makes him look like a hero. If Obama shuts down Iran or occupies them then he will have a victory in Iraq fast and then with his resources freed he may actually get control in Afghanistan. Let’s not forget the oil fields of Iran. Obama can come out of this looking pretty good turning public opinion his way. Israel is being backed into a corner by a religious zealot seeking nuclear capability saying that he will destroy their country. Looks like a perfect storm is brewing and this storm is best watched on TV from a place like Latin America.

How Does This Impact You – Well for one Iran may have been building terror cells around the world to unleash real terrorism? I would think this is highly probably how good they are will remain to be seen I am afraid to say. I am not talking of a phony 9/11 deal, but the real thing. They could use suicide bombers, shooters etc. to take lives and destroy property in countries they consider to be their enemies. They could get into chemical and biological weapons. It would be relatively easy to shut the USA down in a few days of terror attacks. Stock market crashes, bank holidays, etc. USA, Israel and the UK would be on the top of their hit lists. This could give Obama a big excuse to shut down the country. The dollar may spike up as a result of the war. Gold and silver will go up big time. Gas prices may double or even go higher. A lot will depend on whether or not any oil fields or refineries get destroyed. Closing the straits for a few weeks can have a similar but more temporary effect. If the oil prices spike up trouble for the economies of the US and UK. Things will get worse economically. Civil liberties will be gone and probably never return. Martial law has a high probability of coming into play if there are any terrorist attacks that are real. I am thinking Iran will try terrorism if they get attacked and especially if they get invaded. They know they can make the invaders pay a big price and may motivate them to cut their invasion short.

Suggestions – Watch the war from another country. Get a second citizenship and passport so you can travel without a risk of terrorism, which is probably going to be heightened for some years to come. Latin America is far enough away from the USA to not even be bothered by what happens up there. Inquire of us if you like.  (ArticlesBase SC #1286972)

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