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Oilfield Equipment Oil rig construction is hard work

Their are many different types of Drilling rigs. Each one designed to make a hole, usually very deep. You can find the information here at Oilfield Equipment.

Rigs production is a specialized field. It requires unique equipment and specially trained employees. There are two types of drilling rigs, the ones on land and the ones offshore. Both have specialized oil oilfield equipment and training. Drilling rigs can be small and portable. drilling rigs are huge. They have to bore through thousands of meters of ground. They have large mud pumps that circulate the slurry or drilling mud. The mud is used to keep the drill bit cool. The drilling mud goes through the drill bit and up the casing annulus. This keeps the drill bit cool and removes the waste material as the oil rig is drilling. The hoists in the rig need to lift hundreds of tons of pipe. Other equipment is used to extract the oil or natural gas laterThe oilfield equipment used to extract the oil/natural gas come later}. Some remote locations require living courtiers and catering for crews . All of can be considered part of the constructions.

Offshore oil rig construction needs to provide everything. To get more information on Oilfield Equipment This includes a place to live to the oilfield equipment required to process the black gold. A fixed drilling platform is built on concrete or steel legs that are anchored directly into the sea floor. The legs support the deck. The oil deck has room for drilling rigs, oil production facilities and employee quarters. A compliant tower is also a fixed structure. It has narrow flexible towers and a piled foundation that replace the steel legs.

Semi-submersible platforms have legs with buoyancy tanks or pontoon-like structures. The platform can be moved as need be. When not in motion they need to be anchored to the sea floor.

An drilling rig on on shore would seem to be easier build then one on the ocean. However every oil drilling rig has the elements to work with. There is always some hurdle to get over or deal with. Harsh terrain and isolated locations are common issues . rigs were structures that did not move. The structures were built on site and then left once the well was finished.Modern oil rigs are custom-built and are portable. Once the well is completed the rig will be moved to a new location. It can take weeks to move drilling rigs as they have to be disassembled and moved. There is a lot of time spent moving a rig. But it cost less than making a new one.

A drilling rig is used to drill holes for oil. Drilling rigs need to bore holes or tubes into the ground. Then pumping equipment is used to remove the black gold. Today this can involve complex drilling equipment and methods. The higher the price of oil the more complex the equipment is to recover it. Deeper oil wells are drilled using more specialized equipment. The deeper the hole the more specialized the equipment. Having an oil rig does not just drilling a hole and a well and pumping out oil.

Jack-up rigs are the most common drilling platform. The structure is supported by long legs from the ocean floor. The columns or columns can be positioned down or up using a hydraulic or electrical system. When the rig needs to be move, the legs are raised and the platform is moved. At the new position, the legs or columns are moved down until they are on the sea floor. Tension-leg platform is moored using tethers or tendons at each corner. . It uses a single vertical cylinder to support a deck. It works under the same principle a buoy does.Their is a requirement meet by each rig or Pump Jack.

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