Thursday, February 3, 2011

Analysis Of China's Coal

China's coal-fired power saving potential exists, should tap the energy potential of coal-fired power plant, but explore the potential to take a scientific attitude.

A Chinese coal is essential at this stage Power supply .

China coal at this stage and for a long time is essential Power supply . First, China's coal is the worst use of fossil energy. Good coal for the metallurgical, chemical and civil, the remaining coal stone, in the coal, peat, lignite and coal, for electricity generation using coal-fired power plants. If the coal is not used for power generation, does not have many other uses. Second, China's coal power generation to bear the most difficult task. In a variety of power, first make nuclear power, hydropower, wind power, solar power generation priority power generation, hydropower, wind power, solar power has random, but does not meet the electricity needs of this random power. Large hydropower wet hair, dry hair Dry Season less; wind the wind on the hair, no wind, no-fat, low-fat; solar power with the sun on the hair, the weather is cloudy, not at all. Daihatsu other power supply, the coal would be less bitchin; other power less fat, the coal would Daihatsu. Coal into the power system to fill the power surplus and deficiency, essential to ensure a reliable supply of electricity power, bear the most difficult generation task. Third, China's industrial heat public buildings in Northern winter heating and residents rely mainly on coal-fired power plant with heat to provide low-cost heat source, coal-fired power plant's energy efficiency even higher than the most advanced ultra-supercritical Generator , And IGCC units, without coal-fired power plant, where the Chinese to find cheap, adequate heat it? Fourth, China's coal-fired power plants in support of China's first coal-dominated energy structure, ensure energy in a coal-based conditions to minimize the pollution caused by coal burning. This is because the power industry is best able to clean use of fossil fuels (coal) users, coal-fired power plants can minimize the fly ash produced by coal combustion, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. As the largest user of coal, coal-fired power plant to become the best in all sectors of national economy and clean use of coal users. For this reason, the Chinese like to keep a coal-dominated energy structure, it must be kept to coal-based power structure. Even if future production of coal production reached its limit, in order to protect the environment, but also should minimize Other Dispersed coal sector, thus bringing together the supply of coal fired power plant. Coal consumption in China's current share of coal consumption is only about 50%, the future may increase to 80% to 90%.

Second, the development of China's coal analysis of the problems.

Reserves of energy resources from China and production, the most practical power source is coal-fired power generation, including coal-fired cogeneration. But for decades, blamed on the Chinese coal endless, and coal is a reality, economic, clean, advanced power supply made various different views, interference of China's power generation structure of implementation.

1. About "water main fire auxiliary" power long-term construction.

China's first five-year plan the construction of the power industry policy is "Huozhu water auxiliary." Plan said: To meet the industrial development, especially the new industrial zone construction, must strive to develop the power industry, the construction of new power plants and the original power station conversion. First Five-Year Plan period, the main power plant will be construction of fire (including heat and electricity co-production of thermal power stations), while conditions of use of existing resources, for hydraulic power station construction work, and to vigorously pursue investigations of water resources, active in the future to prepare conditions for hydropower development. Was to determine such an approach is pragmatic. In 1958, in the second five-year plan also proposed to implement "water main fire auxiliary," the long-term development approach advocated speeding up hydropower development, control the development of coal. As the actual implementation hindered the development of power industry, to the principle of power construction in 1961 will be replaced by "hydrothermal simultaneously, where there is more water out water", the actual implementation of the results or "Huozhu auxiliary water", water capacity proportion has not exceeded 32%.

2. Construction of power plants burning oil on the part of coal-fired power plant alternative.

China has long been short of petroleum, less gas-rich coal, in the construction of thermal power station has been dominated by coal-fired power plants. (ArticlesBase SC #3372113)

Seismic Energy Dissipation Devices

Seismic Energy Dissipation Devices