Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Impossible Democracy In Libya

In those last days, some people started to repeat that a democratic reformation is coming to Libya, and there serious steps will be taking about it; we could hear that there are supervisors coming from EU to supervise the democratic electoral boxes in Libya too.

     After the independence for more than half a century*; the Libyan state had started and couldn’t be a democratic one, and when we review the Libyan political history till now, we find that there is one defect still stand to reach the point that even someone with crazy mind could say, “It’s a democratic state.” 

      We all know there are several kinds of democracy; kingdom and republic,  those can be different in their application to the democratic rule in many ways according to their distinguish conditions, but they share one consideration which is that all the members of community are the same before the law.

      Libya has fallen into ideological dilemma which made its citizen does not know until this day, what democracy really is?

      The ideological dilemma is that old Libyan thinking, which made the king ( Idris al-Sanousi ) and his family’s members and all those who pleased them, are not ordinary people like the rest members of the Libyan community, and so during the short life of Libyan kingdom, democratic ideology could not grow in Libya.

       Then came ( Alfateh ) revolution and Libya became republic which later becomes ( Jamahiriya ), and authority, army and wealth as they claim now in people’s hand; so the Libyans become very glad that its leadership is from common people not from that holly Libyan families.

        However, what really happen after the revolution and bringing down the holly royal system, itself becomes holly-revolutionary system, so colonel ( Gaddafi ), and members of his family and all the members of his tribe are holly ones not ordinary people like the others in Libyan community.

         The Libyan becomes able to criticize Allah, but not able even to dream that he wants simply to criticize ( Gaddafi ), or a member of his family or his tribe.

          So how my friends we could be able to dream that in the coming period there is a slight possibility of democratic regime in Libya, unless all the Libyan community’s members are equal before the law, and we all know, that it is impossible for ( Gaddafi) , and his family to become an ordinary people again not as now holly ones.

           Therefore, please believe that there is no democratic system in Libya and will not be any, until the disappearance of those holly Libyan characters who make the Libyan similar to idol worshiper, although he knows it does neither harm nor use.

Abdulrazig Almansori
Tobruk – Libya
November 9 , 2004
 *     1- The Libyan kingdom from December 24 , 1951 to August 31 , 1969 .
       2- The Libyan Arab Jamahiriya from September 1 , until now  .
 Note : April 14, 2008 : This article first published in Arabic at ( ) website , and this is the first translation to English by Miss ( Zahra Ali ) .

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