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Crusades, Jihadists And Conflict Resolution-Part I

Crusades, Jihadists and Conflict Resolution-Part I.
Prof. Hasan Yahya

Everywhere, in the aftermath of 9/11 waves of shock, grief, fear, and anxiety reverberated not just through New York and Washington but throughout the United States . Due to the unpredictability and massive scale of the violence of terrorism, the trauma symptoms it causes travel well. In his late book: The crusades: The Complete idiot's Guide to the Crusades,  Poul L. Williams wrote under the title: Ticket to Paradise: 

"Jerusalem," the pope says, "implores you to come to its aid. Undertake this journey eagerly for the remission of sins, and be assured of imperishable glory in the kingdom of Heaven." Yes, you heard it right. The pope is offering even the most grievous sins-to forgiveness of sins-to everyone who embarks on this crusade. The nobles who into battle against the Turks will be received in heaven to the acclaim of angels. They will receive glory, everlasting glory, in the court of the omnipotent Overlord who rules over all fiefdom".

People added "It's God's will, and the pope agreed. After minutes the pope again hold up the cross the cries subside and the other great crowd becomes silent as the Holy Father says:

"Yes, indeed, Yes, it is the will of God. You today see the accomplishment of the word of our Savior, who promised to be in the midst of the faithful when assembled in His name. It is He who dictated to you the words I have heard these words be your war cry. Let them announce everywhere the presence of  the God in his holy army."

Of course the pope Urban II Don't originate  this notion of a holy war. In fact, the doctrine was developed by St. Augustine at the time of the fall of Roman Empire. (410 C.E). St. Augustine said that

  "a defensive war is always just, as it is conducted to protect the people. An offensive war, he said, is just when it is waged against a state that refuses to make reparation for wrongs committed or fails to return seized property."

 Let me ask: Why Hamas was accused of terrorism while according to Augustine, Hamas has the right to wage war against Israel for two reasons. 1) it defends the people, and 2) take offensive just war against a state that refuses to make reparation for wrongs committed or fails to return seized property. On the same token, why Hizbullah was included in terrorist organizations list by those who deny their right to wage war against Israel, for the same two reasons raised by Augustine. According to Augustine, they have the right for defensive as well as offensive wars against Israel and those who stand supporting Israel in the last fifty years. Why they denied that right? A question deserves so much debate.

The Jihadists have also the right to defend their lands, and their religion. They claim that corrupted governments are accusing those who sought social justice call them terrorists too. The Jihadists war was to protect people who are not protected by their governments, to bring justice to people, Logically, they also have the right to wage offensive war because those who took too much property refuses to make reparation for wrongs committed in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq and Kashmir etc., (for innocent civilians at least like the Jews after their collapse and extermination from Europe). Who should pay for the sufferings of Palestinians, Lebanese, Kashmirians, while refugees have no right to go back to their homes and lands? Do they have God's curse to be denied self determination as someone might say? Of course, if the Jihadists, who believe that three quarters of Muslims around the world support them (at least emotionally) succeed, then all Muslims will be supporting their cause. But unfortunately, they are not succeeded , and their actions are full of terror, and terrorist attacks and  the opposition to their claims are mounting against them for such actions where the civilian pay . But what they will do, when national and religious dignity are lost? They do not have the power or the technology to win wars. What can they do? Stand still like most Muslims who abandon Heaven and follow Dunya (as they imagine). Muslims know very well that Jihadists have rights to rebel against injustices committed by tribal dynasties. Without Islam no one will sympathize with them. The obvious and clear deviations from Islamic teaching and legacy is wide open in all Muslim and Arab countries. I think,  their attacks will come to an end ONLY when justice is made and mutual respect become the rule to deal with Jihadist issues. I think one day, Jihadists will prevail, not for their terrorist acts, but by their claims for justice, respect and dignity. History  will tell. I guess.

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