Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to Save Fuel by Learning to Drive Your Car Like Children Drive Their Bicycle

Forward thinking or anticipation is the crux of good driving skills. However many of us are not taught that when we learn to drive.

Merely knowing how to steer is not the real test of driving. The real test is to drive a car as well as children learn to drive their bicycles. Yes, drive your car as children drive their bicycles! You may be pondering how the two are connected. But consider this…

From where does the bicycle get all its energy? You know that. The bicycle gets the energy that sets it in motion from your legs. As you learn to ride a bicycle at first you may pay particular attention to keep your balance. But bike riding becomes a second nature as time passes by.

Do you remember when you where younger how you let your bicycle roll from a distance and how you automatically tried to use up the least amount of energy to cover the distance?

Why can we not do the same as effortlessly with cars? Maybe because the mind that guides you through an efficient bike ride does not have to put up with anything you could call an ‘accelerator ache’ just as it has to deal with leg aches it tries to spare the body.

However with the rising fuel prices, just try calculating the fuel and the consequent money you waste because of rash driving and you can bet your bottom dollar that the missing ‘accelerator ache’ will develop soon enough.

Napoleon Miles is an expert author mainly interested in the automotive industry. If you enjoyed reading this article and wish to learn more about how you can further save on fuel please go to Water Fuel Guides Reviewed

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